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The Tudor Temper An Analysis On The Royal Mind - 2344 Words

‘The Tudor Temper: An analysis on the Royal Mind’ An insight into the mental wellbeing of the Tudor Royal Family Daniella Smithers BA Hons Bangor University (History/Archaeology/ Heritage) The mind of a Royal can be the decimation or the making of a nation. Whether at the fore front or behind the curtains, it was a fierce time for both young and old alike, so being strong minded was vital. I intend this essay to set out to decipher documents to better comprehend how the Royal family thought during the 15th to the 16th century. Historians have argued during the 21st century about the state of mind of the Tudors, especially Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. I will establish why historians shouldn’t look at the sources as ‘black and white’ and should study how life events and upbringing could have caused their mental state and not a mental disorder. David Starkey, since his career began, has been notably associated with the Tudors, states ‘the man behind the myth is a phycholigical enigma’ . Through the study of primary sources, a greater understanding can be made on how Political, Social and Economic history could be affected by the thought s processes of a Royal. Through the context of the 15th and 16th centuries, there emerged an increasing fascination for mental health. The Royal family was idolised through portraits, books, coins, and visits that they made around the country. Their mental state would not have been known publically, but to those most close to them.Show MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesMerwyn Strate, Purdue University Joo-Seng Tan, Cornell University Karen Thompson, Sonoma State University Linda Tibbetts, Antioch University McGregor Ed Tomlinson, John Carroll University Bob Trodella, Webster University Tom Tudor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock William D. Tudor, Ohio State University Daniel Turban, University of Missouri Albert Turner, Webster University Jim Turner, Morehead State University Leslie Tworoger, Nova Southeastern University M. A. Viets, University of Vermont Roger

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Marketing Plan Phase 1 - 1621 Words

Marketing Plan: Phase l This marketing plan will give an overview of the existing organization and describe a new product or service. An explanation of the importance of marketing for the selected organization’s success will be addressed. A SWOTT analysis on the new product or service will be written. In addition, the marketing research approach used to develop the marketing strategy and tactics for this new product or service will be stated (University of Phoenix, 2011). Existing organization overview Starbucks is the existing organization for the marketing plan. The first Starbucks opened in 1971. The company was located in Seattle’s historic Pike Place market. Starbuck has always offered some the world’s finest†¦show more content†¦In many businesses, marketing needs to be a core concern, and often the overriding concern when it comes to running a successful business. The Marketing Department is responsible for communications to their customers, consumers and referral sources. It is responsible for ensuring continuity and consistency in the presentation of the business brand. It is responsible for the development and placement of advertisements (print and broadcast), all collateral materials (including brochures, posters, fliers, stationery, business cards, signage, consumer and physician newsletters and publications and the development and maintenance of the consumer website, or organization.) It coordinates the organization’s participation i n various community events including job fairs and involvement with charitable organizations. The Marketing Department works with the Centers of Excellence and select programs within the company’s system to develop marketing plans and coordinate the activities outlined in the plans. SWOTT SWOT stands for the strengths, weakness, opportunity, and threats for the company. The strength within Starbucks stands in their name brand and the quality of the coffee that they service. Not just being a local coffee shop up the road and around the corner but globally. Located in over 48 countries the name means volume, great coffee, and excellent customer service world-wide. Regardless where any venture may take individuals around the world they will still beShow MoreRelatedMarketing Plan Phase 11325 Words   |  6 PagesRunning head: Marketing Plan – Phase I Paper Sony Electronics – SONO Stick University of Phoenix MKT/421 – Marketing Facilitator: Chris Ross April 23, 2007 Sony Electronics – SONO Stick Introduction The introduction of any new product can be and intense process for any company. The Sony organization is a large world wide corporation that since its inception has proven to work towards electronics innovation. The new product that Sony is reviewing is the Sono-stick and priorRead MoreSt. Dismas Assisted Living Facility Project Action Plan -- 3 Essay683 Words   |  3 Pages1. Draw a Gantt chart for the construction phase of the program. What is the completion date if construction starts in March? What is the completion date of the project if construction is started in November? If the project is started on March 1st, 2012, the finish date is July 30th, 2013. For the November start date, the case does not mention exactly what date the project should start but rather mentions that it should start after the elections. We do not have the election date so I will assumeRead MoreFeasibility Study778 Words   |  4 PagesPhase 1: Research Good research is the key to success in property development. We start out by arming ourselves with all the information needed to determine which locations have the potential to make money or not. In this phase we evaluate potential suburbs, neighbourhoods and sites, do a preliminary market study, put together a preliminary budget, carry out a preliminary financial analysis, prepare a timing analysis and review the political climate and the council approval process. Here areRead Morebusiness plan1299 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿The Business plan LOTUS Sun-Block Cream The Business plan could take hundreds of hours to prepare, depending on the experience and knowledge of the entrepreneur as well as the purpose it is intended to serve m It should be comprehensive enough to give any potential investor a complete picture and understanding of the new venture and will help the entrepreneur clarify his or her thinking about the business. 1. Introductory Page: 2. Executive Summary 3. Environmental and Industry Analysis Read MoreThorr Motors Simulation1477 Words   |  6 Pagesproduct. The motorcycle company Thorr Motors perceptual maps were used to create a marketing plan to aid in maintaining a high brand image of their motorcycles. This paper is based on the three phases in the Thorr Motors simulation. The situation, recommended solutions, and result for each phase will be discussed. Lastly, the different marketing components addressed in the simulation will be summarized. Phase I Sales of the Cruiser Thorr are decreasing. The decrease is because the Cruiser Thorr’sRead MoreMarketing Plan For Sms789 Words   |  4 Pagesidentify important sellable features for SMS’s product †¢ Based on the market information, a business plan will be developed to price the product, identify various businesses that need SMS’s services and select certain segments of the market. †¢ The project is to produce a meaningful series of data that will define and support the required features and benefits of the new product. †¢ Develop marketing plan, to include promotions, promotional literature, product information, etc. As a result of this consultingRead MoreWork Example1550 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction In the expansion of Acme Home Improvements to Mexico City, an information system management plan needs to be established in order to oversee employment and management, as well as meet the needs of Acme’s stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors. The plan has a goal of improving aspects such as sales and marketing, budgeting, planning, hiring and training all while using technology to assist in the assignment of roles, and to discover correlationsRead MoreKey Components Of Marketing Plan For Godiva Gems923 Words   |  4 PagesNAME: ELVIS BITOK KEY COMPONENTS OF MARKETING PLAN FOR GODIVA GEMS INTRODUCTION Marketing plan is key component of attaining companies’ objectives. The study seeks to examine the key components of marketing plan for Godiva Gems. LITERATURE REVIEW Segmentation It is the division of a market into homogeneous groups of consumers, each expected to respond to a different marketing mix (Dictionary of Business). Segmentation bases on: (1) Geographic segmentation: divides customers into segments based onRead MoreInternational Marketing Ch 1 Essay1693 Words   |  7 PagesDiscussion Questions for Chapter 1 The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing Discussion Questions |1. |Define: | | | |International marketing |Foreign uncontrollables | | |Controllable elements |Marketing relativism Read MoreProject Managment - Resnet Case921 Words   |  4 PagesQuestion #1: What was Fay’s role in initiating ResNet? Why did she succeed when other NWA employees in the IS department, who had similar ideas years earlier, did not? Answer: Fay Beauchine became VP for Reservations at NWA while the company was using 30 years old technology at their reservation system (PARS). She knew that developing a new information system was critical for implementing a vision, that focused on sales rather than service and she wanted to sponsor this new information system

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Technology and Crime Free Essays

Criminal Law Research Paper Whenever a new technology is found, like a double-edged sword, it often brings both more convenient life and possibility of danger in which potential exploitation of gap that might occur in its initial developing stage. For the past 20 years, computer related technologies and industry have been continuously advancing at radical speeds that greatly changed our way of life. The introduction of internet and digitalization of data has saved us enormous time and work required otherwise would have been wasted. We will write a custom essay sample on Technology and Crime or any similar topic only for you Order Now On the other hand, however, it aided whole new types of property offences that are distinct from traditional ones to arise which posses’ difficulties in dealing with them by traditional way of approaching property offences. The main difficulties are, first, ‘Offences that were traditionally committed as interpersonal offences can now be committed at extreme distances and without the personal involvement of any victim. Second, the object of such offences may not amount to larcenable property or, indeed, property at all. [1] Examples of these crimes include, electronic funds transfer crime, electronic money laundering, [2]counterfeiting, and software piracy. [3] Contrary to traditional property offences, computers coupled with telecommunications technology enables offenders not to leave any traces of usual biological evidence in interpersonal offences such as finger prints or hair that could lead to the offender through forensic tests. Even if the police traced back the co mputer that the fund transfer crime was originated, the actual offender would be uncertain if it’s located in internet cafe which is used by numerous customers. This anonymity is considered the major attraction for offenders with advanced computer skills to commit such crimes. This paper will discuss the effectiveness of the current law in protecting the people from the new treats and possible policies or methods that could be implemented by authorities to combat this matter. ::The Current Doctrine and issues:: It is obvious to find that property rights have been the most important feature in our society since the beginning of the civilisation as the oldest written law, the Code of Hammurabi[4] which dates back to 1750 BC, contains codes that protected individual property. Protection of ownership encourages people to work at their full potential in return for increase in their wealth and power that gives satisfaction and security. If such protection was absent, stealing and damaging personal possessions to satisfy the needs and wants would have been occasional and we might not have been able to achieve the standard of living and the social security we enjoy now. Under the current common law system, properties are protected by both case law and statutes. Obviously regarding the history of development, there are countless case laws relating to property matter. Statutes are also implemented in order to provide protection of the rights for aiding the courts if the kind of the offence is the new one and there are no relevant authorities available for judges to rely on. Those protections have been building onto one and another from strong foundations and nowadays physical property protection by the law seems quite drastic. However the dawn of the digital age introduced a whole new range of offences that cannot be categorised by traditional methods. ::Absence of Specific victim or damage:: What would be the damage to the bank if their internet banking facility has been used for electronic money laundering? There is no person harmed or any physical property damage done to the bank. When a personal computer which happens to belong to a CEO is hacked and confidential information about a report that is not intended for releasing to the public that predicts a shape rise in share prices caused by exceptional performance is retrieved by the hacker and he/she and his/her friends make millions of dollars based on that information, is it possible to measure the damage? Or does it even exist? As exampled, some new types of illegal acts do not create specific victim or damage or the both. In order to regulate these treats, the definition of property has been extended to ones that take forms of electronic data and even to intellectual ones. By recognising such properties it is now possible to identify the damage incurred and the victim which enables us to enforce the traditional doctrine of property offences approach. To reward the victims for the damages they suffered under the civil law and to prosecute the offender and enforce penalties under the criminal law. :Types of new offences:: Hacking and intrusion into a computer system is the most common form of computer based crime, hackers usually commit this offence in order to gain confidential information or to inspect the level of security measures in place for preparation of other offence[5]. Rarely, some hackers attempt to break into a system that’s guarded by strong security system and dam age the system itself just to demonstrate the ability of him or her self. This kind of act is also known as electronic vandalism[6]. The next most common offence is the intellectual property offences such as breaching copy rights by making illegal duplicate of intellectual property, for example, books, movies, music and games. This type of offence is becoming more and more ordinary as the fast broadband internet access’s being available to most of the households enabling such illegally copied materials to be circulated and distributed at fast rate even crossing borders without any obstruction. Electronic funds transfer crime and electronic money laundering are also major crimes that are becoming increasingly difficult to regulate with traditional counter measures. :Traditional Countermeasures:: Most common methods often chosen by the government is to take legislative and administrative action to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand. Russell emphasises in his journal ‘This method to criminalise has, however, a number of dangers. First, is the difficulty, noted by Dunning (1982, pp. 293-4), of over-codifying behaviour: one does not want to enact a new provision every time a new permutation of criminal behaviour arises. Ideally, the elasticity of a common law system will supply the omissions of the legislature but there are limits to which our judiciary will, and indeed can, go. ’[7], that there are limits in legislative and administrative approach that the society can take as legitimate. There is also the fundamental problem of difficulty when trying to battle the new offences with the traditional approach in quantifying the offences[8] since the nature and characteristics of the offences often leave no trace at all and also authorities might not disclose the information because of embarrassment or commercial inconvenience. Deceptive quantifying which makes the policy makers to take distorted view of the seriousness of the issue is also the problem. For example, ‘a pursuit of a US$0. 75 accounting error in a computer account led to the unravelling of an international espionage ring. ’[9] Event like this confuses the decision makers in deciding the level or degree of regulation should be imposed. Originality of the crime also creates great challenge to the authorities, globalization of networks and widespread of the internet permits offenders to stay in their own country and commit crime in the systems of foreign country. This poses exorbitant difficulties in determining the place of the occurrence of the crime in order to decide which prosecution authority should be handing the matter and where to collect and present evidence to. ::Possible Alternative methods of Prevention:: There are several proposed ways for the government to deal with the problem. Restricting the availability of new technologies themselves, or restricting certain people from possessing and using new technologies and so on†¦ Probably the most fundamental solution of all, considering the possibility of misuse of the technology, the researchers and developers in the initial stage of the process should apply crime prevention measures that prevents misuse of such vulnerable technologies and if the cost is too high to carry out the modification the government should always consider to subsidise the process because the cost of exploitation of the weakness of the technology might be even greater. But there is also possibility that those precautions implemented could be compromised and the additional development costs vaporised. The break of the DVD movie title encryption and area code protection by hackers and crackers which introduced Dvix is the good example of it. The next best cost effective way is commercial solution[10]. Various needs to protect one’s electronic assets from possible attackers would generate considerable market demand for electronic and informational security. Companies with expertise of those matters would grow and it would provide professional advices, helps and protection with reasonable fee that would be far more less than it would cost for individual demanders to develop such systems. Also from the demand for assuring the compensation for the damages caused electronically, new insurance policies would emerge and protect the losses incurred. When dealing with technologies that are developed for military or investigative use, it is best for the government to take action that prevents possession and use of those technologies by possible offenders. Such as code breaker program designed for military operations should be restricted for the use of the purposes intended only, to achieve that, it is best to isolate the program in selected systems that are not connected to the internet. However if the technology developed found to be viable for use by the public to improve their standard of life, it should be considered that more benefit would be realised by making it public depending on specific technology. A super fast speed satellite communication intended for space crafts would be viable to use for the faster internet connection than conventional technology. But it might also make it possible for hackers to get into the satellite’s control system and disable it causing extravagant disaster thus making the technologies availability restrictive is important. Those alternatives and traditional methods may stop offenders from commission of crime but it may also encourage imitating one as well. A news report that the government is banning all child pornography sites may attract people’s attention and they might try search that kind of sites since the anonymity of access which increases the demand for viewing such material that results growth of pornography sites. :Conclusion:: Implementing the traditional approaches to deal with new emerging types of crime involving new technologies does seem to work when the new type of crime shows some fundamental similarities with already existing crimes such as causing harm whether electronic or physical or financial. Since such offences are opposed by the society and could easily be crimina lised by legislation or administrative means without difficulty. Nevertheless, quantifying and implementing the right policy or legislation is too difficult because of exterritorial issues and lack of statistics. However, as the technologies used for commission of crime advances, so does the technologies used to investigate, exam, and share information with the public and the rest of the world which aids authorities in combating using traditional approaches. Mechanisms for surveillance and detection, blocking devices, and technologies of restraint and incapacitation could also be adopted to backup the weak points of the traditional approach. Yet, while implementing those mechanisms the authority should consider possibilities of infringe of privacy right. The use of â€Å"high-tech† means of restraint might well lead to fundamental changes in police practice. Easily available technological fixes may tempt reliance to the extent that traditional law enforcement skills become neglected due to their inconvenience and community relations will be overlooked and discarded. There would also be other social impacts of crime prevention technologies. It may include disproportionate use of restraint technologies against disadvantaged groups, such as people who are unable to afford security technologies. And a shift in the burden of crime to those prospective victims may occur. Nonetheless, it would look like a miscalculation if we are to back off from developing and researching new technologies for crime prevention and control simply because they may be used inappropriately. â€Å"The telephones, indeed, the wheel, have criminal applications, technologies in the hands of responsible, accountable professionals can enhance liberty, rather than threaten it,† Dr Grabosky said. Technology and Crime Control insists on that the direction of ultimate benefits of new crime prevention technologies to the public, their development and use should be based on thorough consultation and extensive testing, and those who use them should be appropriately trained and supervised. The authors of the journals conclude that there is not one fit-to-all overall solution to these new kinds of emerging crime due to the varied nature of computer-related criminal conducts. They suggest, however, that technological and market solutions will be just as, if not more, important as law enforcement. With the invisible hands of the market the authorities should be able to find the optimal way of combating the new crimes sided by new technology. Bibliography 1. Brown et al, Criminal Laws, The Federation Press 2. P Grabosky R Smith, Crime in the Digital Age: Controlling Telecommunications and Cyberspace Illegalities, the Federation Press (1998) 3. Russell Smith, Criminal Exploitation of New Technologies AIC Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice No93 (July 1998) 4. New millennium Doosan English Encyclopaedia No11 Doosan cooperation (2000) 5. Australian Bureau of Statistics 1997, Recorded Crime, Australia 1996, ABS Catalogue No. 4510. 0, AGPS, Canberra (1998), Yearbook Australia, ABS Catalogue No. 1301. 0, AGPS, Canberra. 6. P. N. Grabosky, Russell G. Smith, Paul Wright, Crime and Telecommunications AIC Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice No 59 (August 1996) 7. Russell G. Smith, Stealing Telecommunications Services AIC Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice No 54 (April 1996) 8. Peter Grabosky, Technology Crime Control, AIC Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice No 78 (January 1998) ———————– 1] Brown et al, Criminal Laws, The Federation Press pg 1058 [2] P Grabosky R Smith, Crime in the Digital Age: Controlling Telecommunications and Cyberspace Illegalities (1998) The Federation Press chapter 1 [3] Russell Smith, Criminal Exploitation of New Technologies AIC Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice No93 (July 1998) pg 3 [4] Foun d in 1901 by French explorers in the Old Persian Capital of Shush (Susa), contains 282 codes consisting of criminal commercial, individual property laws – New millennium Doosan English Encyclopaedia No11 Doosan cooperation (2000) pg. 54 [5] Australian Bureau of Statistics 1997, Recorded Crime, Australia 1996, ABS Catalogue No. 4510. 0, AGPS, Canberra (1998), Yearbook Australia, ABS Catalogue No. 1301. 0, AGPS, Canberra. [6] P. N. Grabosky, Russell G. Smith, Paul Wright, Crime and Telecommunications AIC Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice No 59 (August 1996) pg 2 to 3 [7] Russell G. Smith, Stealing Telecommunications Services AIC Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice No 54 (April 1996) pg 3 [8] [9] P. N. Grabosky, Russell G. Smith, Paul Wright, Crime and Telecommunications AIC Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice No 59 (August 1996) pg 3 [10] P. N. Grabosky, Russell G. Smith, Paul Wright, Crime and Telecommunications AIC Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice No 59 (August 1996) pg 5 How to cite Technology and Crime, Essays

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Unseen Poem Analysis free essay sample

unseen poem analysis. In this poem Simon Armitage shows he is not yet ready to leave his mother by saying mother. any distance grater than a single span requires a second pair of hands this second pair of hands he requires are his mothers therefore telling us he still needs his mother. hows his anxieties about leaving home by the way he talks about the way he talks about the tape measure, You at the zero-end, me with the spool he talks about the tape measure as if it were the umbilical cord which at birth attached him to his mother, this relates to his anxieties about leaving home because the first anxieties what he and his mother faced were at birth when they first became their own person and were separated, this is related to his anxieties now since he is being separated by his mother by a further distance than the first time which is why he talks about the measuring tape and them measuring acres of walls as an acre is a huge distance which gives an impression of vast empty spaces. We will write a custom essay sample on Unseen Poem Analysis or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Armitage refers a lot to distances, this is not only because of the fact they are physically measuring stuff but he knows that the distance between their physical closeness has gotten greater and it is as if he is measuring the distance between him and his mother. Armitage uses a metaphor to explain the relationship between him and his mother unreeling years between us. anchor. kite. he is saying his mother is the anchor and he is the kite, and his mother was what was keeping him to the ground and he is scared if this anchor disappears he will fly away, in other words his mother was keeping him right and he is scared he is going to do wrong since he is now independent.When Armitage uses the term space-walk this gives us an impression on how empty the house is as space is a huge and uninhabited place, when he says to fly or fall this demonstrates his anxieties that he may not be able to survive on his own without care and help from his mother as he has always had it. although this poem is not full of emotional language we are still able to see Armitage reluctance to leave his mother through his powerful metaphors and connections between measurements and the distance between Armitage and his mother. this poem relates to any person who is leavi ng home for their first time as it shows all the anxieties of the first time of stepping into the world on your own.

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Suffering builds character.

Suffering builds character. Tough challenges reveal our strengths and weaknesses. This statement is certainly true; adversity helps discover who we are. Hardships often lead us to examine who we are and question what is important in life. The hardships that we endure are the suffering we must go through. This is how character builds. It is often said that without any challenges or obstacles, a person's true character cannot be determined. Clearly, "A Separate Peace" by John Knowles, and "The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan demonstrate this point."A Separate Peace" takes place during wartime. No one dies in this book and no tragedies take place. Knowles focuses on the war within a human heart, a war that is affected by the events of World War II but exists independently of any real armed conflict. For Gene, every human being goes to war at a certain point in life; war meaning fighting within himself, within the mind of a human being.Amy Tan, authorFor most of Gene's classmates, WWII provides the catalyst of this loss, and each character reacts in it in his own way. Gene himself, though, states that he fought his own war while at Devon and killed his enemy there. The implication is that Finny was his enemy, casting an unwavering shadow over Gene's life. Gene suffers a guilt that was held within him every time he encountered Finny. He feels responsible for pushing Finny off the tree. During this time, he is constantly fighting himself. He looks in Finny to find himself. His own identity is revealed within Finny's character and because of that, Gene builds his own character. He learns to accept the truth but is afraid to. This suffering leads to his building of character which is a distinctive feature of Gene."A Joy...

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How to Dress Professionally When Its Blazing Hot Out

How to Dress Professionally When Its Blazing Hot Out It’s summer! It took a while for those of us in colder climates to get to this point, but it’s finally  time to store the sweaters and place your cute warm weather gear at the front of your closet. So it’s 90 degrees out and you need to figure out a way to stay cool, look cute, and somehow also dress professionally- not the easiest combo to master. It is important to keep in mind that, even in this day of casual work cultures, there are still rules and norms that govern what we should and should not wear to the office. And to make matters even more confusing, on top of that, there is always a unique, often unspoken, code in every workplace. Try to figure out what yours is, but also follow these fairly safe rules of thumb to make sure your summer wardrobe doesn’t keep you from fall employment or the respect you deserve.1. Check the rule book, if there is one.Some companies actually have a rule book or employee manual- if you weren’t given one when you started, HR can give you a copy. Check this first to see whether there are any dress policies or bits of intel you can pick up about your summer outfit planning. Err on the side of caution when it comes to baring flesh.2. Follow the grandma rule.When in doubt, look at your outfit. If you would be embarrassed wearing it to meet your grandmother for lunch, then it’s probably not right for the office. This is particularly true for women, who will be judged more often when they bare any skin at all. Dress for your own version of success, not others, but do keep in mind the double standards and injustices of perception out there and make sure to keep yourself†¦ covered, metaphorically speaking (and sometimes actually).3. Err on the side of â€Å"not short.†If there’s a question in your mind as to whether shorts (or short skirts) are appropriate for your workplace, that probably means you haven’t seen anyone in such attire at the office. Take that as a sign and leave your barest-leg ensembles for the weekends. Instead, to stay cool, aim for a skirt that at least hits the knee: summery and smart! (The same rules apply to crop tops: save them for the weekend.)4. Keep the shoes classy.No, you can’t wear flip flops to the office. Yes, you can wear sandals, just try to minimize the amount of bare foot you show on any given day. It’s probably best to avoid shoes with open backs, though if you must, choose slides instead of flops.5. Summer denim is probably too casual.Jeans are one thing, especially if your office tends casual. Times have changed, and a nice dark jean is usually fine. But summer denim is another story: if you give way to the jean section of your closet, you’ll be tempted to wear jorts and jumpers and shorts. Don’t. You can probably get away with a denim shift dress, but any other short denim should stay at home.If you overheat, try lots of lighter fabrics and brighter, breezier colors. If you then get too cold because of overzealous air conditioning, make sure to bring a light sweater to keep yourself warm. And the upside of not baring too much skin, particularly on your legs, is that you won’t need to worry about working through the inevitable goosebumps.Dress smart, and have a great working summer!

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Bioterroist threat Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Bioterroist threat - Essay Example Terrorists value biological weapons due to their ability to cause mass panic among the people. Moreover, such threats cause massive disruption in the operation of a country making terrorists achieve their target. Bacteria are free-living microscopic organisms that are known to occupy extreme habitats. These organisms have no cell membrane and most of the other organelles found in ordinary cells. This makes it complex to identify effective agents or medicine to deal with such organism. Bacterium such as anthrax are highly contagious and, hence their application in biological warfare. Moreover, anthrax causes high mortality due to its low incubation period. Anthrax bacteria also transform into spores to survive extreme condition such as high temperatures, extreme radiation, and lack of water or nutrients. Such characters makes the bacteria indestructible and, hence an effective warfare agent. Viruses are cellular organisms that thrive as parasites in other living cells. Unlike bacteria and fungus, viruses are not considered living organisms since they lack nucleic acid replication mechanism that is present in other single celled organisms such as bacteria. When viruses occupy a living cell, they interfere with normal cell metabolism, causing death of the cell. Infected cells releases a protein compound knows as Cytokines in response to the attack. This agent is responsible for the resultant symptoms. However, it is difficult to differentiate between viral and cell processes. This makes it difficult for scientists to develop anti-viral medicines. Viruses are effective agents of biological terrorism since they are easy to transport and disseminate (Block, 2001). In particular, viral agents can be transported in aerosol form making them attractive to terrorists. Chimera virus is potential viral agents for biological weapons. The viruses are generated by injecting genetic ma terials of other viruses